Inlay Knitalong

To celebrate Inlay, I’m having a little bit of a knitalong.  I’m doing it over in the Silk Road Socks group.  I realized I wanted to make these socks when I was doing the research for that book.  I saw all the gorgeous floors peeking out from under the rugs and filed away the idea of doing a pattern based on the fancy tile work.  Inlay was the result.  So I’m totally declaring it ok to host the knitalong in the same place.

Now, if you’re the sort who wants to make exactly the sock in the picture, I can help with that!

  • Laura at Handwerks has graciously offered a 20% off Sock plus 8 coupon for us.  Just mention “inlay” at checkout.  The gray socks are in her Sock Plus 8 in the color Smoke.
  • Suzan at Barking Dog Yarns wants to help too and has also offered us a 20% off coupon.  Just use the promo code “Knitty2011” at checkout.  The blue socks are in her Sirius in the color Iroquois Moon.
  • And while Claudia at Wollmeise is awesome, all of you Wollmeise fans know that just managing to get a hold of a skein can be a bit of a trick.   Alas, I have no discount to offer.  But for those of you who wish to try it, the orange socks are in her Twin in the color Campari.

So, if you’re planning to make them, come do it with the rest of us!