So in the Meantime

The plan had been to put out the cowl and mitts pattern today.  The knitting has been done for ages.  The pattern was written and tested weeks and weeks ago.  All that was lacking was a sunny day with the lovely Lauren to take a few photos of the knitting on a person.  I got that in this weekend.



Then in a fit of stupidity that far outstrips my usual shenanigans, I managed to erase all those pics.  I have no idea how.  Seriously.  None.  I have all the sock picks we took 10 minutes before that.  I have all the pics I took the next day.  Just the freaking cowl and mitt pics went missing.  I blame me.  I am filled with a fiery burning rage.  The kind where you swear and throw things and then swear some more.

So while I try and become less of a foul-mouthed rage-filled pillow flinger, you can look at a stand in picture and ridicule me (quietly please, I’m coming up with some really foul things to say about technology and the people who can’t manage to use it properly and I wouldn’t want your ridicule to distract me from this streak of creativity).