That’s Better

So it seems I’ve not completely forgotten how to make socks.  I know, it seemed for a while there as though I’d lost my way, but I’m now back on track.  See?  An actual, fresh off the needles, still damp on the blocker, sock.

And to speak in my own defense, I haven’t really ignored socks for the last two months.  I actually have (yet another) super secret sock on the needles.  These socks are awesome.  Alas, they will have to remain secret for a while yet.  You’ll have to content yourself with these guys in the meantime.  Now that the first one is done I’m itching to cast on the second.

That may be delayed a day or two though.  As I was making dinner last night, I managed to get a nasty little burn on my the fingers of my left hand (also known as my yarn tensioning fingers).  Knitting is less fun when it involves dragging yarn over freshly burned skin.  I shall have to investigate the shielding powers of bandaids.