A Shift of Perspective

Generally, I’m anti-ad.  Almost always.  That’s why it took me nearly 2 years to set up a mailing list and why I’ve sent only a tiny handful of messages to it.  I figure if you want to find me, you’ll come here.  I shouldn’t intrude.

But the other day…I got what is now my very favorite ad ever.

Ya know what makes an ad better?  If it has yarn in it.

Ya know what makes an ad even better than that?  If it has your very own book in it.

Which is exactly what I saw when I opened the latest email from Webs.

This is a teeny tiny version, but I assure you I have carefully saved the full size version to remind myself it really happened.  Of course I could be the only one who is amused.  That’s ok though, I’m amused enough for all of us.