“Hobbits give presents to other people on their own birthdays.  Not very expensive ones, as a rule…but it was not a bad system.  Actually in Hobbiton and Bywater every day in the year was somebody’s birthday, so that every hobbit in those parts had a fair chance of at least one present at least once a week.  But they never got tired of them.”

— From The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien

Well I’m too tall to be a hobbit (and I try not to let my feet get too furry) but I still think it’s a capital system.  Since it’s my birthday, I’ll be the one giving away presents today.  Everything in the store (either here or on ravelry) is 50% off just for today.  No code, no hoops, just magic.  Happy birthday.  I’ll be hanging out in my pajamas playing board games and making ice cream.  I hope your day is just as much fun.