Learning from my Mistakes

So a while back I casually mentioned, late on a Friday evening, that we were heading off to Pittsburgh the next day.  I asked for yarn store recommendations.  You guys were kind enough to provide them.  Then, in a fit of truly brilliant work, I didn’t have a chance to check your helpful comments the next day because we were actually in Pittsburgh and my internet access was not what one might have hoped for.  It was not my most impressive move.  But, I am capable of learning from my mistakes, so I’m trying this with a bit more advance notice this time.  I’m going to be in Rochester, NY this Saturday.  Are there any marvelous yarn stores I should be sure not to miss?

And, on a slightly different theme (at least I hope this won’t be a mistake) truckle (the socks formerly known as zombie socks) are now up for testing.  I will be sending the pattern out on Thursday, and I need folks who can knit at least one sock in the next two weeks.  If you’re interested, head over to ravelry and volunteer.