Let’s Try That Again

Over the last few days I made what I hoped would be a poufy hat.  Before doing this I analyzed patterns for several other poufy hats to determine the general methods for creating pouf and to get a sense of acceptable pouf proportions.  Following these guidelines, I knit the hat.  Somewhere along the way something went horribly horribly awry.  Either I was wrong about the potential for me to look reasonably non-dorky in poufy hats, or I totally forgot how to make shapes from knitted fabric, or (and I’m hoping it’s this last one) blocking poufy hats is a bit of an art form and takes some practice.  I’m going to try reblocking this today and see if I can end up with something that looks more like a dashing hat and less like a vicious jellyfish attack.  I have my doubts, but I will report back with the verdict at some point.