Please Don’t Make Me Regret This

You know how when you hear your own voice on a phone message or something you never think it sounds like you?  Yeah.  I just got a rather dramatic example of this.  I did an interview with the lovely Lara of Math4Knitters, and it’s just come out.  Lara sounds poised and professional.  I sound like a hyperactive chipmunk.  A hyperactive chipmunk with an unusual fondness for yarn, but still some sort of small mammal on helium.  If you’d like to witness in my shame, head over to Math4Knitters and have a listen (I sound a bit out of breath because I was still fending off the pneumonia, sorry about that).  There just happens to be a bit of a sale listed over there for folks who might be looking to pick up a few more patterns too.  Just on the off chance you happen to know anyone like that.