Lickety Split

So you know what I’ve discovered? Hats are wicked wicked fast. As in, cast on Friday night, cast off Saturday night fast. And it wasn’t even like I spent all day Saturday knitting. The hat just sort of happened when I wasn’t even looking. I could get used to that. I have a pair or two of socks that could benefit from that approach.

And please don’t worry.  Socks are still first in my heart.  I will not abandon them.  This hat thing is just a phase…an enjoyable phase…but a phase none the less.  I’m pretty sure that you can get away with having 30 pairs of socks.  At least I seem to be getting away with it.  Having 30 hats is less socially acceptable.

I’m fond of this one at the moment though, as it seems to motivate unheard of levels of yard maintenance in whoever wears it!