Far Too Much Fun

It was a photo-ish sort of weekend.  Saturday we wandered over to a local stream to take sock pictures.  You’ve seen a bit of that.  Then on Sunday, we took pictures of the hat.

Now as charming and helpful a model as The Boy is (he spent his Saturday cheerfully standing in a cold stream having his feet photographed after all), I couldn’t quite see him sporting a fetching pastel periwinkle hat and mitts.  I actually think the hat could work for guys if it was made in a guy-ish color (or at least a color that the guy wearing it liked), but this is just not his shade.  I sure wasn’t going to do it.  I’m still leery of hats and loathe having my picture taken.  Sullen and suspicious doesn’t usually make for a good photo.

Luckily, my lovely friend Lauren is a braver woman than I!  Isn’t she awesome?  She rocked the hat and we had a marvelous time.  Can’t you tell we’re having fun?  And it almost looks like we’re in some sort of proper outdoor setting instead of standing in the corner of my minuscule back yard (seriously, the grassy part is four steps wide and three steps deep, it’s tiny).  The pattern is with testers now.