Look, an actual real live finished hat!  There’s a bottom part and a middle part and a top part.  It fits on human heads.  It does not squeeze them nor slide off.  It covers that ‘top of head’ through ‘top of ears’ region and does not wander over and impede the eyes or attack the neck.  It is, more or less, a successful and functional hat.

Also note how dramatically the color changed between the partial picture and this one.  It’s not just different light/camera settings.  This yarn (Malabrigo Twist in color Indiecita) just seems to do this.  It happened with the mitts too.  It’s a bit of a mystery really, as there was absolutely no dye in the rinse water.  The color just came out more muted after a soak (cold water, no soap).  Luckily I like the muted version better, but I’m still puzzled.