Markedly More Hatlike

Well the title more or less says it all.  It’s is officially looking like a hat now.  I looked at some in the store to make sure.  I’ve learned some things.  First, hats are full of mystery.  That doesn’t look like it would go on a human head, but it goes on mine just fine, even before blocking.  And my head is very large.  Second, each round feels like it’s taking for.freaking.ever, but the hat itself grows with stunning speed.  That hat in the picture?  That’s like two evenings of light knitting (the slow and dawdling kind where you’re doing a bunch of other stuff at the same time).  I think I could finish it in another hour or two.  Third, I may need to reconsider my ‘I don’t wear hats’ policy.  This has been fun and if I make the hat I can likely get around that little ‘all hats are either too small or too dorky for me’ problem.

Now all I need to do is know when to stop going up and start going in.  The all-knowing Madame Harlot says, on page 118 of Knitting Rules, “the distance from the base of a person’s palm to the tip of the longest finger is equal to the height of a hat (for that particular person’s head) from cast-on edge (when placed just above the eyes) to the point where you begin decreasing (to shape the crown).”  It’s nearly that tall on my giant creepy man hands, so I think we’re almost there…possibly even all the way there.