Did you catch that?  That tiny little throw away line at the end yesterday?  That spot where I said “All I have to do is find buttons.”  Yeah.  I thought I heard someone cackle when they read that.  It’s not so simple is it? I looked through the button box (along the way realizing I need a much larger stash of buttons on hand…mine is really quite pathetic).  Nothing appealed.  Not even a bit.  So now I have a soft, fuzzy, hand spun, hand knit neck wrap…all washed and well blocked…and no way to hold it on.  For the meantime I’m using a hair skewer (a pretty bone thing, pleasantly barbaric), but I’ll have to find buttons eventually.  Any great online sources?  I’m thinking I need to scour etsy for a few large lots of vintage buttons just to give me a bit more general selection for future projects.