I have found the coolest stick in the (admittedly rather long and illustrious) history of sticks.  It is twisty and gnarly and has funny colored bits and spots for critters to hide, which is all well and good.  But, and this is what makes it the coolest stick ever, it also has rocks.  About a half dozen of them.  They’re somehow embedded into the stick at a variety of spots.  One of them is bigger than my fist.  I have a long-standing fondness for rocks, and if you combine them with sticks, the niftyness is nigh on unbearable.

I’m trying to figure out how to bring it home (it’s rather large).  I could take it to Canada Post, but I think it would be cheaper to buy it its own seat on the airplane.  I have a feeling I’m going to end up constructing a box for it and checking it as a piece of ‘luggage.’  Customs will be fine with that, right?