Book Yarn, Part XIV

Last, but definitely not least, this is the lovely Nate Sock Yarn by Briar Rose Fibers in the color 110 (such a romantic name).  It’s a slightly rustic fiber with just a tiny bit of variation in thickness from one spot to the next.

I’ve worked with Briar Rose before.  I first heard about it on Brenda Dayne’s marvelous Cast On podcast.  I sought it out at last year’s Great Lakes Fiber Festival.  I bought three and immediately turned one into Propitiate for The Boy.  I just cast on with the second a few days ago for an (as of yet) secret project.  It’s lovely to work with, and just gets better with washing.

So that more or less sums up the book yarns (there may be a tiny last minute addition, but this stuff will all be there for sure).  Now that all that’s taken care of, I’m free to let you all know the theme of the book.  And I shall.  Very soon.  Just not today.