The Three Rs, Part Three

So day one was rowdy, and day two was reverent.  Day three can perhaps best be called raucous.  It was knitting with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, it was the final day, and we were all more than a bit slap happy.

Things started out well enough.  There was learning, there was sharing, there was swatching.  We got to try out all the yarns we had dyed on the first day and several more as well.  The wisdom of my decision to buy piles and piles of Silkie Sock was confirmed.  My resistance to sweater knitting was substantially undermined.  (Ya see that silvery gray stuff in the bottom right corner?  Yeah, that may have been the thing that pushed me over to the sweater knitting camp.  At least I’ll know what to blame.)

But soon, the conversation turned to the best way to wind balls (balls of yarn people, balls of yarn).  It became something of a theme, and the rest of the day is lost in a blur of giggles and smutty jokes.  I’ll claim amnesia about the details, but the over all effect was lovely.  It was great to see how well the group had clicked over the last three days, and we all walked away knowing much more than when we walked in.