Book Yarn, Part VIII

Next up is Silk Crush Sock by Sweet Georgia in Cypress.  I’m going to take a dramatic and unexpected position here and recommend you not click on those links.  Not, that is, unless you want to fritter away the next 45 minutes and who knows how many dollars in a sweaty, sticky, yarn-drenched daze.

Sweet Georgia is new to me.  I’d not seen their yarn or even heard of them before I started the book project.  Then someone involved with the book sent me the link.  I don’t really remember the hour or so after that.  A bit later yarn showed up in my mailbox, so things must have gone well.

The only downside is that I had to turn around and immediately send it off to my genius sample knitter.  Heartbreaking I tell you.  I kept back a few yards to fondle swatch.  When this project is over and I get to go back to recreational knitting (as opposed to book knitting), I will be heading right back for another dose.