Book Yarn, Part VII

You thought I forgot, didn’t you.  Or perhaps you thought I forgot my Roman numerals.  Somewhat to my surprise, I actually do remember them up through the thousands, which is really all you need.  The delay in presenting book yarn has been entirely due to other distracting things going on.  It’s back now.

This is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Fjord.  Now I’ve not actually worked with Shepherd Sock myself.  It’s a teeny tiny bit too thin for me to use comfortably.  Of course knitters vary, and this is actually a fairly classic sock weight.  Scads of people use it and love it.  I know that lots of folks actually prefer thinner socks (a few of them even emailed me to ask that I pretty pretty please include some in the book).  So I did.

For me though…I’ll be over in the corner there knitting on the just slightly heavier Shepherd Sport.  All the pretty, and just a teeny tiny bit thicker.  There’s something for everyone.