Nothing to See Here

I took advantage of getting in a day early to go exploring yesterday.  I more or less managed to conduct myself like a grown up.  I got where I was going without getting remarkably lost, I kept myself fed and hydrated, I did not come to the attention of the local constabulary, and I saw pretty things.

Alas, there was one small problem.

As I was wandering around the beach, I decided it would be an excellent spot to take some pretty pictures of the most recent finished socks.  Water, rocks, sand, the occasional hunk of driftwood, what more could I want.  Shortly after that I realized that said socks were resting comfortably in my hotel room an hour’s drive away.  Oops.

No need to worry though, there’s no shortage of pretty scenery right here at the hotel.  And I’d show you…but my computer doesn’t want to let me upload pictures.