Book Yarn, Part III

So the last two book yarns were returns of old favorites.  That’s always wonderful, and I am excited to work with them again.  That said, there’s something marvelous in finding new favorites too.  (If you were a brownie in the 80s that godawful Make New Friends song might be running through your head now too.  Sorry about that.)

That’s what’s happened here.  This is the lovely Sock Plus 8 by Handwerks in the color Paprika.  It’s made of 8 tiny plies tightly twsited together resulting in marvelously smooth yarn.  The stitch definition is fantastic, and despite all those plies, it’s not at all splitty.

I had never worked with Handwerks before.  I only learned of it when one of my friends sent me a sample (she obviously knows my weaknesses).  Now that I’ve laid hands on it, I realize that not using it was a shameful lapse on my part–one I’m happy to have corrected!

And, on an more administrative note, I’m closing comments on the contest post later tonight, so if you’ve not entered yet, you’ve got a bit of time left.