You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round

The fiber show was, rather as expected, full of fluffy goodness.  Kinda smelly, but good none the less. While I was there, I realized that I’m not as clear on the difference between sheep and goats as I thought I was.  See these guys?  I’m pretty sure buddy on the right there is a sheep, but what about buster on the left.  Do the creepy rectangular pupils mean he’s a goat, or do some sheep have those too?

I managed not to bring home too much yarn.  I picked up some goodies for the book, and I’ll tell you all about that in a later post.  I also bought two skeins of yarn from Knitting Notions, one for me and one for The Boy.  Alas, I showed less restraint when it came to spinning supplies.  I got two lovely spindles and three different sorts of fiber.  Now I know I said I was done with spinning.  I thought I was.  Then I went and signed up for the Silk Retreat.  I figure if I’m going to fly across the country to take a class, 1/3 of which is spinning, I’d damn well better practice.  I don’t want to look the fool in front of Judith MacKenzie.  Perhaps not surprisingly, I’m finding spinning is easier (and far more pleasant) on the fancy expensive spindle than it was on the cheap one made from a dowel and a toy wheel that came with my learn to spin kit.