So, after a nearly inexcusable delay, here’s the sock from the vicious ripping session shown below.  Alas, I fear my photo doesn’t do it justice.  The ripped bit is over there on the outside of my ankle, and I can’t quite manage to get a good picture of the outside of my own foot.  I think this gives you the general idea though.  I promise it is nifty, was well worth the rip, and will be shown in greater glory in future photos.

The yarn is by Suzan, purveyor of the marvelous Barking Dog Yarns, and it is a treat to work with.  There is only one tiny problem with this yarn…Suzan is in the middle of updating her website and you can’t get it right now.  I’ll let you know when the new site is up.  In the meantime, I’ve pointed you to her Ravelry page so you can see all her other lovely yarns while you wait.

And as for the title, no, it’s not the yarn that’s itchy.  It’s me.  I’ve been spending my evenings on the patio and I am covered in dozens of bug bites.  The wee beasties seem to have an unreasonable fondness for my feet.  It’s more or less manageable when I’m barefoot.  I can put up with sandals if I have to.  But shoving my bug bite-ridden feet into wool socks on an 85 degree day was nigh on unbearable.  I made it about 2 minutes before I decided that enough was enough and whatever pictures I had would simply have to do.