greenhorn_frontThe pattern for Greenhorn is up.  You’ve seen these as they grew, so I won’t bore you with too many details.  The short version goes ‘two sizes, mirrored left to right, nifty heel construction, worksheet to let you use the construction elsewhere.’  I like them, and you might too.  Go forth and knit before it gets too warm to wear wooly socks!

Their fate on the color front is still undecided.  A few more washes has helped to equalize the color a bit.  I think I may hold off on the Kool-Aid extravaganza.  Of course now I’m terribly curious about the process and want to try it just for its own sake.  I think I’ll do it on some blank yarn rather than on a finished pair of socks though.  Less time invested if it all goes horribly awry that way.

The next project is writing up the pattern for the blue reversible socks.  I hope to finish knitting them this week and to have the pattern up for testing over on Ravelry some time next week.  I’ll post an announcement here when it goes up for testing.