So Much for Restraint

It was supposed to be a swatch.  It really was.  But you see, I hate swatching in the round.  I know how, I can do it, I just don’t like to.  So I went ahead and swatched over a whole cuff’s worth of stitches.  Then, well, then it was too nifty to rip out.  See?  The only problem is, that’s the inside of the sock.  I’m not quite sure if i carry on as I am, or if I rip and redo it so that the pattern is reversed.  Would you run screaming from a pattern who’s last instruction was ‘turn it inside out?’


Edited to add a picture of the other side.  I know the difference is subtle, but I also think it’s important.  I have a feeling these are just going to be ‘reversible’ socks.  Thoughts?