Astonishing Restraint

There was yarn in Pittsburgh. Rather a lot of yarn. If you consider my purchases in light of the total amount of yarn available, I showed admirable restraint. Quite impressive really. I bought only two little skeins. One a lovely turquoise number from Decadent Fibers and another a dark purplish fancy from Creatively Dyed Yarn.  Both of them even have a bit of nylon and so stand a good chance of lasting for more than a season.  I also picked up a second set of the Kollage square needles (one of the first set has suffered an unauthorized relocation via kitten and is currently unaccounted for.  I needed another set to finish the green socks.)  The other two yarns in the picture are for collaborations I will be undertaking with dyers in the near future.  More about them and about my Olympic knitting progress soon.