Such a Tease

imbolic4I warned you this was coming.

I really did.

There is a new sock.

It’s soft and warm and lovely.  I admit I’m biased, but I am fairly hopelessly smitten with it.  It’s all done…but you can’t have it quite yet.  It’s exclusive to Gaia’s Colours Sacred Sabbats Yarn Club members for the next three months.

I probably shouldn’t say anything.  It’s probably just mean to show you the pretty sock when I can’t give it to you just yet.  But today is the release date, and I’ve been keeping quiet for weeks and weeks.  Such silence is quite against my character.  I simply can’t suppress my natural tendencies any longer.  I have to show them off.

I’ll content myself with just one more picture for now, though I’ll likely come back and prattle about them more when they become available to everyone.