Choose Your Own

I am a child of the 80s.  As such, “Choose Your Own Adventure” books play an alarming role my memories of my distant youth.  The writing was contrived, the illustrations dreadful, and yet they still filled me with an unreasonable fascination.  In honor of their (doubtless unsavory) influence, I’m letting you choose your next knitting adventure.

I have two patterns ready to go, Graupel (on the left) and Caprice (on the right).  Click on either to see gigantic versions if you’re so inclined.  One will be released in February and the other in March.  You pick.  I will take it as a given that they are both lovely and eagerly anticipated.  I promise I won’t feel slighted on behalf of the one that doesn’t win.  Leave a comment saying which you prefer, and the one with the most votes by Friday or so will be the next pattern I release.