Not Socks

slalomHeresy I know, but very occasionally I do knit something other than socks.  Don’t worry, I’m not straying too far afield this time.

Often, when knitting socks, there is a little nugget of yarn leftover when you’re finished.  It’s not really enough to make another sock, but it’s far too much to throw away.  Eventually (surprisingly quickly if we’re being honest), you can amass quite a collection of these little balls of color.  Some people turn them into marvelous blankets or other gigantic projects.  I haven’t the patience.  Some people turn them into seriously colorful socks.  I’m too lazy to weave in all the ends.  I wanted something else, so I made these.

They are simple and quick little fingerless gloves.  They are heavily ribbed, so they stretch dramatically.  They are also very open and airy, so they take a surprisingly tiny amount of yarn.  The first of the pair weighed in at a mere 16 grams.  The second is on the needles, the pattern is about to go out to testers, and the gloves themselves are destined to be a birthday present.

Now for a question.  I was thinking of releasing the pattern for a very small cost, maybe $2.50, but also as a freebie if you buy another pattern.  Good idea, or terrible in some secret unexpected way I can’t see?