Alas, poorly photographed loot, but loot none the less.

So yesterday I hauled my somnolent form out of bed at 4 in the morning and somehow managed to make my way to Columbus for Knitter’s Connection.  I took a class on reading Japanese patterns.  The class was well done and has cemented my determination to hunt down some Japanese stitch dictionaries (any recommendations?).

3641607172_794cf960ffAlas there were no such books available at the market, but I did get a consolation prize of sorts – a satchel of loot.  The convention bag included 7 different yarns, 2 magazines, a pattern, a book, and a sample of wool wash.  I augmented these with just a few purchases from the market, which I will share in a later post, likely tomorrow.  Tomorrow will also likely feature the release of Embonpoint.

Till then, remember that today is the last day of the buy one get one free sale.  You’ve got till midnight to order, details are in the post below.