baaaI went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show this weekend and displayed astonishing self restraint and admirable fiscal responsibility. I bought a mere six skeins of yarn. Quite noble. I must have been too distracted by the squee-worthy critters to engage in commerce.  Sheep are both cuter and smellier than I had realized.  Especially that smelly part.

In actual knitting news, the first of the Embonpoint socks is complete, and the second will be started shortly. The pattern will be posted here, likely some time in June. I spent some time this morning taking pictures for my Knitty submission. It is doubtless a long shot, but worth a try. If it’s not accepted, it too will be making an appearance here. Finally, Pedigreed is taking a brief hiatus while other projects with more pressing deadlines are finished. It should hopefully resurface toward the end of the summer.