Just. Keep. Knitting

I have to learn to knit faster. Alas, I feel this is likely accomplished most successfully by spending more time knitting, and neither my wrists nor my schedule allow for any more time spent with yarn. Generally, if I knit every day, and knit faithfully on just one project (ha), I can get a sock done in a week. That’s a sock, not a pair of socks. The second one takes longer. That’s also just the knitting…not the dreaming up. If I actually swatch (granted, a hell of an if) it takes even longer. To judge from the (flattering, yet insistent) requests I’m getting for more sock patterns, this rate will simply not suit. I’ll have to practice all those speeches about patience being a virtue and good things re those who wait and other such platitudes. Pick your favorite and insert it here.

Have you resigned yourself to a nice wait yet? Excellent. Here’s one more pic to tide you over. I promise no more until the socks are all done. Any ideas for a name for these? I want something that’s just one word. Email me with your brilliant ideas.