The Yarn Shop Next to the Brewery

The full phrase is “the yarn shop next to the brewery is open late on the night of the homebrewer’s meeting.” It has become our household’s way of saying serendipity. I realize that the phrase ‘the yarn shop next to the brewery’ is much longer than the word serendipity, but secret phrases needn’t be efficient.

We’ve actually encountered several yarn shops that are brewery adjacent (boy might say breweries that are yarn shop adjacent). We tend to find them on trips, one in New York and one in Bulgaria. Perhaps more importantly, there seems to be a yarn shop next to the brewery where boy’s monthly homebrew meetings are held. More impressively, he pointed it out to me as we were leaving one night (yup, he points out yarn shops). And, much to no one’s surprise, the evening of the meeting is the one night a week it’s open late. Serendipity indeed.

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t yet been able to actually visit the place. All that changes tonight. It simply has to be an auspicious event doesn’t it?