More incoming…

So at some point here I should probably start talking in detail about Silk Road Socks and how it will be out next month and how it’s full of lovely things and how I very much hope you will like it as much as I do.  But for right now, I’m just going to show you one of the sample socks I helped sort out (sometimes I put sample knitters in touch with yarn makers to get samples made for shows…which means I get to pet some truly lovely socks).

That’s one of the patterns in the book (I’ll tell you all about it later, don’t worry), shown here in Seven Sisters Arts Meridian in the color Quartzite.

And I’ll start nattering on about the book in the next week or two, but if you want to be sure you hear when it goes live, the little box down below will let you make that happen.


Looking for this pattern?

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So you’ll have to forgive me if things are a tiny bit quiet around here for the next few days.  It’s just about photo shoot time.  And, unlike most photo shoots (where I pack up the knitting and leave the house and am done in a day), this one is happening in my house.  That means that in addition to all the normal photo shoot prep, I have to make sure the whole house is clean and shiny.  So I may be a tiny bit crazed.

And as for why the shoot is happening here?  Well because that’s where all my rugs are, and this is the shoot for Silk Road Socks…

And wow am I going to have fun with it…

Well That Was Fast

You guys rock.  All the extra copies of Silk Road Socks are now spoken for!  They’re all in the mail headed to their new homes.  I’m ridiculously glad they’re going somewhere where they’ll be used (books would rather be used than hang out in closets).  And, if you missed them, the e version is still available through ravelry.

I’m off to TNNA tomorrow.  Which means today, I’m running around like a crazy person trying to get at least three days worth of stuff done.  A graceful and serene thing to see, I assure you.  But, on the off chance you’re looking for something to do while I pack, the lovely Wendy Johnson has a copy of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet looking for a good home.  Maybe it wants to come live with you?

Back of the Closet

In preparing for the event at Knots, I stumbled across a few copies of Silk Road Socks.  I had thought they were all sold out (and had been feeling horribly guilty for what the used copies were selling for on Amazon), but it turns out there were a handful hiding out way in the back of the closet.  I took them with me to Knots, and most of them found homes with knitters there.  But I’ve got a few left.  And I do mean a few…like 16.

From time to time, I get messages from people who really wish they had a paper copy, and I always feel bad having to explain that they’re all gone.  Now that I’ve found a few extras, I figure that the best thing to do is to let you guys know that I’ve got this tiny stack of them available.  If you’re one of those folks who wishes you had the paper version, here’s your chance.  Just click this and paypal will take care of the rest.

The price is the same as always, $26.95 (plus shipping).  After you buy it, it will get your ravelry id from you so I can send you the e version (and if that ever doesn’t work, you can always just email me your paypal receipt). Paypal is set up to only let 16 people buy it, and when it’s gone it’s gone!


No Really, It’s OK

Every now and then someone will send me a message either apologizing because they’ve made one of the Silk Road Socks projects in a wild color or asking if I’d mind if they do.  My response is usually ‘awesome, can I see it’ or ‘of course it’s ok.’  Really folks, once I’ve sent them out into the world, my designs aren’t just mine anymore.  They’re yours too, and you can do with them what you will.  It’s charming that you ask, but I promise it’s much more interesting to see how you make them your own than it would be to just see exact copies turned out again and again.

So the other day when I stumbled across ABC Carpet & Home and their mind-meltingly amazing rugs, I knew I had to share.  This place takes rugs, many in very traditional patterns and overdyes them in absolutely florescent hues (the picture over there is one of the more subdued options).  The results are stunning.

My first thought upon seeing them was something like ‘holy crap, is there any conceivable way I can justify buying one of these as a research expense?’ (Answer: ‘no, absolutely not.’)  My next thought was ‘hmmm, I wonder if I could take one of the rugs rolled up under the bed and play mad scientist in the back yard with a wading pool and a whole lot of kool-aid.’  (Answer: see above.)

After that, I figured I could at least show you guys (perhaps one of you has a better research budget) and offer it as absolute proof that you can take something with the most traditional roots imaginable and whack some massive color on in and come out with something lovely.  So pretty please, feel totally free to make the Silk Road Socks (or any other pattern for that matter) and make it in whatever color floats your boat.

(The picture is ABC Carpet & Home’s, click it to go directly to the listing for their carpets and see more rugs and be filled with a whole new kind of wool lust.  And if you’re ABC Carpet & Home and want me to take the picture down, just let me know.)