Good Mail (oooooh, aaaaah)

Oh my goodness…my mailbox really is a happy place.

That’s one of Indigo Dragonfly’s Tornadoz sets on Chameleon Sock in the color Cahoots.  It’s an absolutely delightful merino/cashmere/silk blend, and looks absolutely beautiful knit up…wait till you see my swatch!

And this is Seven Sisters Arts newest grand idea, Varigradients.  That’s three skeins of their beautiful variegated yarns in varying intensities, light to dark.  In this case it’s the Water Garden colorway on the Matrika base.  And oh…oh it’s lovely stuff!

If you want to follow along and check out all the yarns for Curls 3 (and some swatches too), you can find them over here.  And wow is this one ever bright and colorful!

Ensnared (plus giveaway)

Do you realize how long it’s been since we had a shiny new sock pattern around here?  It was back in November.  That’s just not cool!  We need more socks, and I think Ensnared are just the ticket.

That’s a nice classic sock to jump back in with, isn’t it now!  There’s just something about a perfect ribbed sock that’s hard to beat.  They fit so well and feel so good on your feet and you can totally get away with them if your sock target insists on fairly sedate socks.

And, if you have a yarn as beautiful as this, the ribbing is actually sort of meditative.  The yarn is Meridian by Seven Sisters Arts in the color Damselfly, and it is (like all of their yarns) a thing of beauty and delight.

But you guys know me well enough to know that it’s really that fancy bit on the top that steals my heart.  There’s something about that lattice work that just does me in.  It’s the perfect mix of interesting but not fiddly (and just impressive looking enough that you feel rather pleased with yourself while you’re doing it, which really is the important bit).  It gets me in my happy knitting place every time, and really, isn’t that what knitting’s for?

So here’s what we’re going to do.  I want to hear what gets you in your happy knitting place.  Is it ribbing? Plain stockinette?  Colorwork?  Something where you can see the pattern and don’t need to check a chart?  There’s no wrong answer, I just like knowing what everyone else geeks out on!  The random number fairy will pick someone out of a hat, and I’ll send them a skein of this gorgeous Seven Sisters Arts yarn.

And for everyone I can’t send yarn to (I’m just not cool enough to get yarn to everyone, sorry!), I’ve got a coupon for this pattern.  You can use the code HAPPYPLACE to get 10% off the hat between now and Friday.  Just put Ensnared in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code HAPPYPLACE.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

Comments left between now and the end of the day (eastern time) Friday, April 21, 2017 will be entered to win.  I’ll pick a winner, contact them to get their addresses, and arrange to send yarn their way.  Be sure to use a real email address so I can contact you if you’ve won (I won’t do anything with those email addresses besides notify the winners).  If I do email you, I need to hear back from you within 72 hours or I will pick a new winner and contact them. Sorry, but I can only ship physical prizes to US addresses.

Good Mail

One of the many lovely things about this job is all the good mail it generates.  There are few things more fun to find in the mailbox than some yummy yarn.  And when it’s book yarn selecting time, you get a lot of good yarn in the mail!

That’s Merino DK by Hedgehog Fibres in the color Construct.

And that’s Meridian by Seven Sisters Arts in the color Silk Road (the bundle) and Citron (the big skein).

They’re both for Curls 3, which will be mostly speckles and gradients.  I’m having so much fun tracking down fabulous yarns, and have a bunch of them sorted out, but if you’ve got any favorite speckles or gradients, I’d love to know about them.  It helps if they’re a big enough company to be carried in yarn stores and if they do repeatable colorways, but there’s a bit of flexibility for just the right yarn!