Oh hey knitting…

So preorder week doesn’t usually lend itself to much in the way of knitting.  There are questions to be answered and envelopes to be stuffed and all manner of fiddly bits to attend to.  But now that things have more or less quieted down (a little…we are still in the middle of moving after all!), I’ve actually had a moment to knit.

Nothing too tricky mind you, I seem to need my knitting to be mellow if my life is going to be overly exciting.  But this is rather lovely!  In a bit here, it should be a hat…a nice mellow hat, the perfect antidote to frantic days.


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All this stockinette

I know.  I’m as surprised as you are.  Normally getting me to knit stockinette is like getting me to deep clean the basement (only under duress, and only if I have something else I’m trying really hard to put off).  But lately?  Lately I’m starting to see the appeal.

I think it’s because things are a tiny bit frantic around here (book next week, move next month…more details about both coming shortly), and stockinette is awfully soothing.

And well, well I can use soothing right now!

This totally fits the bill, and the little welts and stripes are just enough to make me feel like it’s not hideously basic.

Yarn is Kunlun by Miss Babs in fieldmouse (gray) and hops (green), and it is also helping with the nice soothing vibe.

I got distracted

I had the best of intentions.  I really did.  The green hat was on the needles and chugging along just fine.  But then I had a different idea.

And then there was this.

And this.

Oh and this.

And now we’re over here.

These things happen…it’s unavoidable.  And I promise there’s a plan and this will be quite nifty in a few minutes!


I have set the facecloth aside.  It’s not that I don’t like it…it’s that if I had to knit one more inch of flat, beige, garter stitch I’d do something injudicious.  I needed some color, and some wool, and something a bit more engaging.

So there was some swatching.

And then casting on (I swear that looks like nothing so much as a caterpillar…back me up on this).

And now there are the beginnings of a hat.  Which has the advantages of being not flat, not beige, and not in garter stitch.  It’s also in a lovely lovely yarn (Kunlun by Miss Babs) that has absolutely no linen to at all (I was apparently missing wool after all that time with linen).  Let’s see if this is the refresher I needed!

More Swatches

No really…swatches are all I’m knitting these days.

I’ve probably explained this before, but for me a book usually goes 1) have an idea, 2) source yarn, 3) swatch and write patterns, 4) send yarn and patterns off to magical stunt knitters to turn into projects, 5) get the patterns into proper book format and have them edited, 6) get projects back and take photos, 7) more editing, 8) printing.  Now there’s more to it than that (I left out the traditional ‘all my ideas are crap’ crisis that invariably happens somewhere in the middle), and there’s some overlap (for example, a few of the pieces for Curls 3 are actually already finished while the last few patterns haven’t yet been written).  But that’s the general process.  And now? Now I’m in that swatch swatch swatch and write patterns stage.

One of the swatches I’m totally happy with (meaning it’s ready to move onto being knit and formatted and edited and generally made official) is this giant cable in Bijou Basin Ranch’s Tibetan Dream.  I’m a sucker for a big cable, and this one goes together in a sort of unusual way that’s a lot of fun to do.

And I’m also loving this simple little bit of magic in Miss Babs Sojurn. The yarn is so amazing I didn’t want to mess around with it too much…just that simple little braided line is enough (plus you get to feel all clever for making your knitting turn and go sideways…I promise it’s not as tricky as it looks).

They either are or will soon be with knitters, and I’ll be working on cooking up schemes for more of the yarns.  If you want to check them out (or see the earlier swatches), you can find all the Curls 3 posts here.