Despite the best efforts of a whole team of people, mistakes slip through. They’re sneaky like that. I’m sorry. I’ll post notes here to help clarify anything I find out about.

Gördes: Chart C, Row 5, Stitches 13, 14, 19, and 20 should be purl stitches.

Afshari: The Chart Notes are for Chart B, not Chart A.

Senneh: A paragraph break is missing. All the information you need is there, it’s just a bit hard to see. The line reading “Alternate Decrease Round and Non-Decrease Round until you have 64 stitches” should have been it’s own paragraph (instead of at the end of the “Left Non-Decrease Round” section.)

Chart B Left has errors. The right most cables on rows 8, 9, 17, 18, 19 should be c1l purl twist (slip 1 to cable needle, hold cable needle in front, purl 1, knit 1 through the back loop from cable needle). On row 7, stitch 8 should be a purl stitch.

Chart C Right has an error. Stitches 7-11 on row 1, 8-10 on row 2, and 9 on row 3 should be knits, not purls.

Mood: Row 2 of the heel flap is really a right side row, not a wrong side row. The stitches are correct as described.

Heriz: The background of Chart D should be purl stitches, as in Chart C.

Mashad: On Chart E, the four knit stitches shown on row 1 column 19, row 3 column 20, row 5 column 21, and row 7 column 22 should actually be k2tog tbl.