Despite the best efforts of a whole team of people, mistakes slip through. They’re sneaky like that. I’m sorry. I’ll post notes here to help clarify anything I find out about.

  • Crocus vernus Mitts: When you work row 15 of the Main Chart, or row 16 of the Hand Chart, slip the very first stitch of the round over to your left needle without working it. It will get used up when you work the final double decrease of the round.
  • Pinus silvestris Socks: The left and right set up rounds tell you to “K 10 [14, 19].” In both cases, it should actually say “K 10 [14, 18].”
  • Linaria bipartita Shawl: The central stitch on row 2 of the edge chart needs to be a 5-into-1 decrease, not a 3-into-1 decrease. There is a great video demonstrating this technique here.