You’ve got questions? I may well have answers!  See if you find what you’re looking for here.  If not, you’re always welcome to get in touch (hunter at pantsville press dot com will find me).

If you do have a question, please remember that email is the fastest and most reliable way to reach me.  Every now and then someone asks a question on twitter or on a post on instagram or pinterest or in a comment on an old blog post, and I often don’t see those (or at least don’t see them quickly).  If you need help, email is the way to go!


I’m a yarn store, can I carry your books? Do you do trunk shows?

Yes, and I’m flattered you asked. Head over here for all the info!

What needle size should I use?

Generally, I don’t give needle sizes in my patterns.  That’s because it doesn’t really matter what needle size you’re using, it matters what gauge you’re getting.  And the needles you need to get that gauge may be radically different from the needles another knitter needs to get gauge.

So instead of giving a needle size, I give you a gauge and tell you to swatch.  The needles you should use are whatever needles give you that gauge.

What does shipping cost?

It depends on where you are, what you’re buying, and what shipping speed you chose.  Once you’ve added the book to your ravelry cart, you’ll see a little button to enter a shipping address.  Put in your information, and you’ll see all the options for your location!

How long does shipping take?

It’s usually pretty quick. Books generally ship the next business day (you’ll get an email when your package ships).

Preorders start shipping on their release date. I ship a few hundred a day until they’re done. That takes somewhere between a few days to a week or two. Again, I am doing them as fast as I possibly can (putting hundreds of books in envelopes is tiring, and I really can’t do more than a few hundred a day), they’re going out in the order that people bought them, and I promise you’ll get them as soon as possible!

What if I change my mind?

The nature of digital products makes this a bit tricky. There’s not a good way to do a refund for an ebook or individual pattern, since there’s not really any way to return it. So alas, unless there is some sort of truly unusual circumstance, I don’t generally do refunds for ebooks or individual patterns.

There are a few more options for paper books. If you decide you don’t want your paper book, send me an email right away (hunter at pantsville press dot com will find me).

  • If it’s not shipped yet, and you’ve not downloaded your free electronic version, I can refund your whole transaction and cancel your free eversion.
  • If it’s not shipped yet and you have downloaded your free electronic version, I can refund you the difference between what you paid and the price of the eversion.
  • If it has shipped and you haven’t downloaded your electronic version (or scratched off material covering the code if it’s printed in the book), I can get you an address to mail it back and can refund you once the book arrives, less shipping and handling charges.  I need to receive the book within 30 days of when it arrived to you (and I recommend using a traceable shipping method).

And of course if something strange has happened with your order (you ordered an extra copy by mistake or you put in the wrong address or something else exciting), I will try and help. Just please get in touch as soon as you can and let me know what’s going on.

I think there may be a problem with a pattern, what should I do?

It’s possible, mistakes do happen. Any problems I know about (along with ways to fix them) are listed on the errata page. But if you run into something you don’t see there, just let me know (hunter at pantsville press dot com will find me). I’ll do my best to help!

What can I do with your patterns and the things I make from them?

It’s fine for you to make as many pieces from my patterns as you’d like.  They can be for your use, for use as gifts, or for use as a charitable donation.  It’s also completely ok if you want to make items and sell them (as far as I can tell, designers can’t actually prevent you from doing that, even if they wanted to).

It is not ok for you to sell the patterns themselves, or to make them freely available to others.

If you want to use one of my patterns for a class, please ask your students to download it themselves or get in touch with me directly and we can arrange something to suit your plans.

Do you have a mailing list?

Of course! If you’d like to be notified when I release a new book, a new pattern or have a sale, you should sign up. Just fill out the little form down there and sign up. Then, and this is the important bit, go check your email. You’ll have an automated message from me. You must click the button in that message to complete your subscription (this helps make sure that no one can sign you up without your permission or knowledge). Once you’ve done that you’ll be all set.

What’s up with affiliate links?

The links to amazon on this site are affiliate links. That means if you click a link, and then buy something from amazon, amazon may send me a few cents. You don’t pay any more than you otherwise would, in fact you won’t notice anything different at all. It’s just a little extra income to help me keep the site up and running.