The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume I 

KCC1-Cover-for-PVP-siteCuriosity cabinets were collections of treasures—fossils and feathers, plants and paintings, skeletons and statues—assembled to help their owners make sense of the world. Offered here is a knitter’s interpretation of a curiosity cabinet. This is a collection, not of rocks and seeds and gemstones, but of fancy edgings, delicate lace, and captivating stitches all brought together to create charming sock and accessory patterns. You’re sure to find something that deserves to be added to your own store of knitted treasures.

Click here to see the socks, see the accessories, or visit the ravelry page for the book.

The paper version is now out of print, but you can still order the electronic version on ravelry, (and you may be able to find the paper version second hand on amazon).


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