It’s the nature of yarn to be sneaky.  Some yarn limits itself to basic tricks…tying itself in knots when your back is turned, developing mysterious breaks while sitting safely in your knitting basket, subtly changing color in a way that only becomes apparent once the project is finished.  But some yarn has more gumption…some yarn likes to shrink when you’re not looking so you run out of yarn with five rounds to go on your project.  And the harder it is to get more of that yarn (say…a small batch yarn, only ever available from one far-away supplier, that’s been discontinued for years), the more likely the yarn is to try these tricks.

To thwart this tendency, you have to deploy yarn’s natural enemy…math.

In this case, that meant knitting several repeats of the pattern (here I’ve got four finished) and then doing some measuring.  First I measured what this many repeats weighed (being sure I was accounting for the weight of the needles).  Then I measured how tall this many repeats was.

A little bit of math let me figure out both how many repeats I’d want (because I know how tall I like my hats) and what that many repeats would weigh.  Then I weighed my remaining yarn.  And much to my surprise, I’ll have plenty.  That means I can relax and enjoy the rest of the knitting without worrying that the yarn is going to do anything truly scandalous (and will instead confine itself to the usual yarn shenanigans).

Under cover…

So…books are arriving in mailboxes (yay!), and I’ve heard from a tiny handful of folks with some very nice version of ‘erm…I think my book is maybe missing the download code, help?’  Luckily, the download codes are all totally there.  They’re just under some shiny silver scratch off stuff.

All you need to do is scratch off the silver bit and you’ll see your code right there (be civilized and use a coin or the edge of a credit card, or be a savage like me and just use your fingernail).  Now of course if you ever do find a book with the code missing (printing errors can totally happen…though I haven’t seen that happen yet), totally reach out and we’ll sort it out!  But so far it’s all been a matter of needing to get that protective covering out of the way.

And yes, yes there is totally a ruler inside the back cover too.  I find that more amusing than I can reasonably explain, and I suspect I’ll be doing it inside all my books going forward (I mean if I’m already paying the printer to get stuff printed back there in the first place, why not add in something useful, right?)!


Alrighty, it’s time for a genera update post.  Because there’s rather a lot going on, and it’s all swimming around in my head, and I want it out of my head and in one place so I can point you guys at it when you ask.  So, in more or less chronological order:

Firmament preorder is done (yay!), books have started arriving in mailboxes across the land.  If you missed it, you can ask your yarn shop to carry the paper one (I promise, they like that, I like that, it’s good for everyone) or look on amazon, or you can get the electronic one on ravelry.

Stars are the next pattern coming out (likely September 4).

They’ll likely be followed later in September and in early October by the cuffs/cowl/hat patterns in that lovely gray yarn.

Then in late October, Curls 3 will arrive.

November will have a more patterns (including some frankly adorable ornaments), and then I’m mostly taking December off (by which I mean working on next year’s book), because it’s been a heck of a year!

As always, the most reliable way to hear about stuff as it comes out is the mailing list.  (I always worry I’m being a pest by mentioning that, but then I get people saying ‘what, why didn’t you tell me xyz came out’ and I say something like ‘er…I mean I sort of did…on the mailing list and the blog and instagram and twitter and ravelry’ and then they say they missed it…so I’m trying to find a balance between bugging you to death and having you miss things you want to hear about, and the occasional reminder seems like a move in that direction).

And done!

And with that, the preorder is officially done!

The full eversion is live on ravelry now (check your ravelry library for the update).  The vast majority of the books are in the mail (the orders that came in during the last hour or so of the preorder remain, but I’ll take care of them today and they’ll be in tomorrow’s mail).  If you didn’t have a chance to grab yours, yarn shops will start to carry it in the next few days, and some time next week or so amazon will have it as well.

That was great fun (first preorder in the new house…so much easier here than in Cleveland), and I’m totally looking forward to doing it again in October when Curls 3 comes out.

But today…today I’m going to pack up that last little stack of orders that came in just as the preorder was closing and then go have a lie down.  I think I earned it!