The needles you have are totally fine!

We’re having a KAL for Scintillation, and I’d be delighted if you joined us!  I find I want to knit a few more of these, but it feels like some sort of breach of etiquette to knit in my own KAL.  So I’m going to pretend that what I’m doing is using a few more stars as a way to talk about some finer points of making these.  But we all know what I’m really doing is indulging myself and making a few more.  But don’t tell anyone, ok?



Join Us!

So the most common question I’ve gotten so far is some version of ‘can I use the needles I already have?’  Sometimes that’s ‘can I use circs instead of DPNs?’ and sometimes it’s ‘can I use a set of 5 DPNs instead of a set of 6?’  And in both cases, the answer is a resounding yes.

So just in case you want proof, here’s one done on circs:

And here’s one done on 5 DPNs (4 holding live stitches, the 5th to work with):

Really the only thing that will be different is that your needles won’t make that adorable star shape while you’re knitting.  But from a structural standpoint, anything you can use to knit in the round, you can use to knit these.  So please don’t buy extra needles on my account (unless you’re just itching to buy them anyway and just want an excuse…in that case it’s absolutely vital that you have that new set of needles you’ve been eyeing and you absolutely must buy them right away).


Scintillation KAL

Alrighty, since I don’t seem to be the only one smitten by these, we’re going to have a KAL!  You can grab the pattern right here.  And once you have it, come join the KAL over here.

As you can see, I may have accidentally cast on another one myself (this is a lie, there’s more than one)…I’ll chat a bit in some blog/ig posts over the next few days and weeks about things like casting on, circs vs dpns, sizing, blocking, and stuffing the stars. If you have specific things you’d like me to talk about, let me know and I’ll see if I can cover it (but the most popular question so far has been ‘can you use circs’ and I’ll tell you now the answer is a firm yes, you totally can if that’s what you like better).

I’ve heard from a few folks that want to donate prizes for the KAL, which is absolutely lovely.  So if you’re a dyer (or other knitterly stuff maker), drop me a line and we can make that happen!


I won’t keep you waiting any longer…Scintillation is out, you can grab it on ravelry now (it’s 10% off with the code SPARKLE through Friday), and you can totally have one of these finished by tomorrow.

I will warn you that they’re rather habit forming.  I had to be quite firm and make myself stop knitting them so I could take pictures and bring the pattern out.

But I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding homes for the ones you make.  I’ve had quite a few folks sort of quietly mention “my those are lovely and wouldn’t they come in handy for all sorts of things and you know now that we’re talking about it, I could probably find a home for a few of those if you’re burdened by an overabundance of them.”  I suspect the folks in your life may feel the same way.

I’ve heard from people who are planning to hang these on the tree…and turn them into bunting…and make them into a mobile…and use them for party favors.  Really I think they’re going to turn up in all sorts of places and I sort of can’t wait to hear about it!

And if you’re feeling nervous about them, don’t worry.  They’re not hard.  As long as you can work in the round, you can make them.  There’s a three page photo tutorial in the pattern to walk you through the whole thing step by step just to make sure you have a good time (plus a blocking template, info on how to minimize your ends and how best weave them in, ideas for what to fill the stars with, pretty much everything I could think of to make the whole process as easy as can be).  And I made my stars with DPNs, but you can absolutely make yours with circs if you prefer.

Each star took between 10 and 30 yards, so go grab your leftovers basket, grab the pattern, and start knitting.  You’ll have your first star in no time!

And if you want something else tiny and hopelessly adorable to go with the stars, I have it on good authority that the hearts from Palpitation are just the ticket!

They’re multiplying

 Hi, did you just find this from pinterest?  If you’re looking for the star pattern, it’s right over here!


Remember? Remember when I was downright scandalized I’d knit thirteen of these things?

Yeah, well, those were the good old days.  I had to cut myself off at 21 (by which I mean I made myself go out and take the pictures for the pattern…because if I waited until I was sick of knitting these to take the pictures, I’d totally miss the launch date).

The pattern is due out Tuesday, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to knit a mountain of them if you’re so inclined (mailing list folks always get a heads up and a discount).  And if you absolutely won’t rest this weekend without something soft and tiny and cute to keep your needles busy…well I have it on good authority that the stars play nicely with the hearts!