Ice Ice Baby

So, in a fit of truly balletic grace, I managed to slip and fall on the ice in my driveway not too long ago.  It was, I’m sure, a sight to behold.  After a day or two of trying to convince myself it was just a twisted ankle and would feel better any minute, I gave in and went to the doctor.  And yeah, it’s just a little bit broken.

I’m ok, but, for the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking it easy.  Very easy.  Lots of long naps and netflix marathons and more naps and possibly a book and then another nap.  So far I haven’t found a comfortable position for knitting, but at some point I’m sure I will and I’ll get some of that in too.  But for now?  Naps.

Hopefully this shouldn’t affect you too much.  The main thing to keep in mind is that I’m spending less time at my desk, so it will take me longer to answer emails or ravelry messages.  If you have a question in the meantime, the folks on my rav group are awesome and can often answer specific pattern questions faster than I can.  The group can be a great resource any time, not just when I’m a little bit out of reach.  And I have a little questions section over here that answers about 95% of the general pattern/knitting questions I get asked, so you can check that out too if you’re looking for quick answers.  If you’re still stuck never fear, I will be checking my email…just know that it will probably take me several business days to get back to you.

The other thing to keep in mind is that those awesome cuffed socks that I’d hoped to put out early in January may be coming out a bit later.  The pattern is all done, but I don’t think I’ll be up to the acrobatics required for a photoshoot quite that soon.  And fond of you (and of my schedule) though I am, I’m not going to risk taking another tumble to meet a self imposed deadline.  So they’re coming just as soon as I safely can…but I can’t say exactly when that will be (I promise, I’m just as eager to have them out as you are).

In the meantime? Naps.  The kittens are 100% down with this plan and stand ready to enforce the rigorous napping schedule.

Well fine, be that way

Alright…so apparently I should have just tried out the original yarn before deciding it was too thin.

And it is thin…I’m going to have to cast on at least 6 and if I have any common sense at all (probably not) actually 12 more stitches than I want to.  But really, that’s not that much of a hardship when the yarn is this pretty!

More swatches

Remember when I said I swatched a lot…I really do mean it.  I showed you the first swatch the other day, the one where the yarn was a tiny bit too fuzzy for the sort of stitch definition I wanted.  Next up was this lovely yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s a good bit firmer in person than the Infinity Shawl was.

Alas when I swatched, the fabric I was getting wasn’t what I wanted either.  It’s a bit pricklier than what I can comfortably wear as a hat (my forehead is weirdly sensitive), and it’s not quite as cohesive as I’d like when knit up this way, so it’s not the right choice either (once again, for the record, saying ‘this yarn isn’t a good fit for what I want from this project’ is not the same thing as saying ‘there’s something wrong with the yarn’…the yarn is awesome, it’s just not what I’m going to use right now).

I think at this point, the right choice is going to be to swatch the original Hedgehog Fibres yarn and do the math and see what sort of cast on I’d need to make that feasible.   It won’t be a fast project, but it could end up being the right choice…

But what I want you to keep in mind here is that I’m learning this from little tiny swatches, not from big giant hats.  If I’d cast on for a hat and knit the first 5 inches of ribbing and then started with the pattern stitch, I’d be so invested in it that I’d probably keep going, even though it was the wrong yarn.  But because it’s just a few minutes of swatching, I’m happy to pull it out and start over until I find a really great match.  I promise promise promise that swatching saves time in the long run, and it dramatically increases the chance of ending up with a really awesome final project.

Countdown, day 24

Today’s pattern is…actually a book, Curls 2.  You can get it on ravelry for 25% off with the code COUNTDOWN.

People ask all the time if the patterns from this are available individually, and I confess they are not.  I don’t like splitting up books (they’re so much more fun as a whole package, and Curls books are full of all sorts of informational material at the beginning that you don’t want to miss).  But this is a chance to get all the patterns in the book for less than the cost of 3 individual patterns, so it’s a heck of a deal!

What’s going on? I’m doing a countdown sale. Every day through December 24, I’m putting something on sale. I started with socks then moved on to quicker projects (think slippers then hats then cuffs) as the time gets shorter, and now I’ve switched to books…because it’s time to switch to something for you instead of something you can frantically knit for someone else!

Each sale lasts until 11:59pm eastern time that day.  I’ll be posting about it here on the blog as well as on Instagram and Twitter.  If you want to be sure to see today’s sale, you can either swing by the blog or follow me on one of those spots!