Good Ideas

So sometimes I get an idea.  The sort of idea that demands to be swatched with the closest available yarn, even if that yarn is deeply unsuitable for the actual project.

Now, those are both lovely yarns.  But they are not the yarns I want to do this project in.  But…they were close enough to tell me that I wanted to procure more suitable yarns and try again.  And, through the wonders of the internet, I did just that.

That’s Manos Del Uruguay’s Alegria in Nickel (the gray one, but you could probably guess that) and Clara in Miel (the orange one).  And they’re going to play very very very nicely together.  Next up, lots and lots and lots of swatching!

Tiny bubbles

So I totally haven’t decided if these look like bubbles or seed pods or bug wings or leaves or something else entirely.

But I have decided they look awesome.

And that they make me unreasonably happy.

They even look nifty on the backside!


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Heads up

This lovely little bit of business is coming one week from today.

I used a skein of Hedgehog Fibres’ Skinny Singles in Ghost (it took me a little less than 300 yards), just in case you want to do a quick stash dive or a bit of yarn procurement before it comes out!  This is the perfect thing to do with single ply yarns (which can be a bit delicate, so hats are a perfect choice).  And of course the pattern will be written so you can easily use fingering, sport, or dk weight yarn.

And as always, folks on the mailing list get a heads up and a discount when it comes out! (Rumor has it mailing list folks are getting a special extra goody later in March too…)

Yarn fairy

From time to time I get an idea, I chat with someone about that idea, and then yarn comes in the mail.

Pretty pretty yarn.

Yarn that will come together into what I hope will be rather magical.

If the speckly bit looks familiar, that’s because it’s from Ontheround and it’s what I used to knit the heart on circs the other day.  It’s their Everyday DK.  And the rainbow one is their Everyday Lite in Silver Lining Rainbow.  And I suspect the two are going to have no end of fun together!  There will be swatching.  Lots and lots of swatching!