Here we go again…

I feel some more tiny stuff coming on…

I could blame the yarn (A set of Manos’s Fino yarn in Dorothea and a skein of Alegria in Natural), or I could blame my remarkably short attention span.

But either way, this should be fun.

Don’t you think?

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Oops…yarn came…whatever shall I do

So yarn seems to keep finding me (this is, in large part, because I write to people who make yarn and say ‘right, so I have an idea, could I please have some yarn’…it’s a good system).

This is from SpaceCadet (their Capella base in Dark Skies and Tantrum).  And a swatch right now, but it’s going to turn into a fun little hat…and an absolutely amazing (and possibly just a tiny bit ridiculous) pompom assortment.  Because I apparently I’m easily amused…and prone to indulge my odder proclivities.



So it’s not cold yet…not at all.  In fact,I ran the air conditioner yesterday and there’s a very good chance I’ll run it again today.  But there have been one or two evenings where I found myself thinking ‘hmmm, it’s a tiny bit chilly, a little extra layer would be nice.’ Which is just exactly the sort of thing cuffs like these are perfect for.  They’re called Hither, they’re out now on ravelry, and you can get them for 10% off with the code LEAFY.

I know I’m not alone in my deep and abiding fondness for fingerless mitts.  You all seem to love them too.  They’re ridiculously useful (I swear I have a pair in every coat pocket and more in my desk drawer), they’re quick to knit (these only took about 150 yards of yarn), they make great gifts (easy to fit, and non-knitters are universally impressed with them since the store bought ones are nowhere near as cool).

And these are particularly charming if I do say so myself.  Lacy leaves are always pretty, and having the fancy bits run up both sides of your hands is rather marvelous (and don’t worry, there’s enough ribbing on the rest of the cuff that they fit great, I promise they’re comfy).

I suspect you’re going to find yourself wearing them all the time.  And, if you wear them around enough other people, you might find yourself fielding requests.  Though given how quick these are to knit, I don’t think you’ll mind much at all.

And, if you find you’re hopelessly smitten, you can make a matching hat in two weeks when the companion pattern comes out (ravelry does some cool stuff to let me give you a discount on the set if you’ve already bought this first pattern, so be sure you’re logged into your ravelry account when you get this one if you think you might want the hat when it comes).  But in the meantime, you can get Hither for 10% off with the code LEAFY.  It will work through the end of the day, Eastern time, on Friday September 21st.

I told you the next step was to swatch

So last time we looked at yarns…and I said the next step was to swatch and see what I liked.

Well the short answer is none of them grabbed me once I started swatching.

I even went back to the stash and got two other yarns to see if they were the answer.  But no.  Not quite what I was looking for (all lovely yarns, just not the yarn for this project right now).  But one more deep dive and I think I found what I need…but as always, I need to swatch to be sure.  And if that’s still not it, there’s always a trip to a yarn store…that could well be the answer!