Silk Road Socks preorder schedule

So, we’re going to keep the preorder for Silk Road Socks short and sweet, but I wanted to spell out all the details in one place, just so everyone knows what to expect!

– Tuesday August 22nd, Noon Eastern Time: The preorder opens for folks on my mailing list.  I’ll send an email out to the people on the list with a link to where they can buy the book.  They’ll get the best price of the preorder ($3.00 off either the paper or the electronic version).  And the first 500 people to order the paper book will get a little present in their packages.  I expect these to go pretty quick, so being on the mailing list and checking your email at noon (Eastern Time) is your best shot at getting the goody (I’ll make it clear whether they’ve sold out so you’ll know before you buy if it’s still available).

– Wednesday August 23rd, Noon Eastern Time: The preorder will open to everyone else.  The book will be on sale ($2.00 off the price of either the paper or the electronic version).  There will be links to buy the paper version on this site, and to buy the electronic one on ravelry.

– Tuesday August 29 onward: The preorder sale ends, and the book will be start to be available in other places (like your LYS and amazon and other online shops).

That’s really all there is to it.  If you want the very best price and the best chance to get the nifty little extra I’ve had made for the launch, be sure you’re on the mailing list, which you can do right here:

Oh, and just because I think someone might ask, a few preemptive answers to likely questions!

– Every paper copy of the book includes a unique download code that lets you put the book in your ravelry library for free.  Just look inside the back cover and follow the instructions.

– The book costs $26.95 for the paper copy and $21.95 for the electronic copy.  The preorder sale will reduce the price of either by $3.00 during the mailing list period and $2.00 during the rest of the preorder.

– Shipping is $3.95 to the US, $8.00 to Canada and Mexico, and $16.00 to the rest of the world.  I hate how expensive international shipping is, and I totally recommend waiting until the book is available at your LYS or on amazon (I promise I don’t mind, it’s totally what I’d do).

– Preorders will ship out within one week of your order, and you’ll get a notification and tracking number when they do.

– More information about the book itself is available in the previous post.

Silk Road Socks Q&A

So…ready for the next book?  Silk Road Socks is coming out next week!  I’ll go into all the details of the preorder later this week, but for now I wanted to answer any questions you might have about the book itself.  Let’s see how many of them I can guess!

– What’s in the book? 15 sock patterns and 1 slipper pattern, each inspired by a different style of oriental rugs.  There are lots of pictures on ravelry, but this will give you an idea of what the projects are like.

– What’s it look like?  I love how many folks ask this.  I’m totally one of those people who wants books to look right on my shelf.  So, here’s how it looks all snuggled up with my other books.

– So I’ve heard this is the 2nd edition, how is it different from the 1st edition? Oh this bit is fun!  So, the first edition was my very first book, and it was published by someone else.  It came out years and years and years ago when knitting books were a bit different, and it’s been out of print since 2011.  I always wanted to bring it back and do everything the way I like best…and now I have!

All 14 of the original patterns are here, each revised to fit my current style and with extra sizes added in (that includes sizing them all for both fingering weight yarn and dk/sport weight yarn, just in case you happen to like thicker socks).  There are also 2 brand new patterns that were not in the original at all.  And of course along the way I’ve upgraded all the fun bits (new photos, new charts, beautiful illustrations…all the things that help make a book lovely)!

And, for the first time ever, each paper copy of the book has a unique download code that will let you put an electronic copy of the book in your ravelry library.  Just look inside the back cover and follow the directions.  I know you guys have been asking for this, and this seemed like the perfect place to make it happen!

– Are they ready to go?  Have you done this before?  Yes on both counts!  The books are here, as in physically here, sitting in my garage, ready to head your way.  See?

And this will be the ninth book I’ve launched myself, so I totally know the drill!  You can go scrolling through the archives if you want to see proof I’ve done this before.

– Anything fun for the preorder? Oh my yes…I’ve got something awesome to send to the first 500 people who order the paper version.  The mailing list has the chance to order the book a day early (and I sort of expect it will sell out that first day), so if you want to have the best chance of getting the fun bits, make sure you’re on the list.  I’ll go into all the preorder details later this week, but you can get on the mailing list here if you want to be sure you hear first thing when it goes live!


All this stockinette

I know.  I’m as surprised as you are.  Normally getting me to knit stockinette is like getting me to deep clean the basement (only under duress, and only if I have something else I’m trying really hard to put off).  But lately?  Lately I’m starting to see the appeal.

I think it’s because things are a tiny bit frantic around here (book next week, move next month…more details about both coming shortly), and stockinette is awfully soothing.

And well, well I can use soothing right now!

This totally fits the bill, and the little welts and stripes are just enough to make me feel like it’s not hideously basic.

Yarn is Kunlun by Miss Babs in fieldmouse (gray) and hops (green), and it is also helping with the nice soothing vibe.

I got distracted

I had the best of intentions.  I really did.  The green hat was on the needles and chugging along just fine.  But then I had a different idea.

And then there was this.

And this.

Oh and this.

And now we’re over here.

These things happen…it’s unavoidable.  And I promise there’s a plan and this will be quite nifty in a few minutes!